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Europe Funerals is a pioneer in the funeral business : funeral plans,  all kind of services, advice and consulting.The company is founded by A. Burgers and M. Keters, who experienced a serious lack in the industry themselves when they lost a loved one. They saw the need for a different approach with regard to funerals and  cremations and the after care.

Spanish funerals and cremations are simply different from the ones in, for instance, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, Scandinavia etcetera. Anita and Miranda decided to fill this gap between Spanish and homeland traditions. Since then, Europe Funerals has created many appropriate, emotionally rewarding funerals.

Europe Funerals works in close collaboration with Spain’s most respected funeral company, Servisa, and has developed a staff of qualified, multi-lingual and caring individuals who together with Anita and Miranda give their utmost to meet your demands for the cremation or funeral of your loved one.


We help you to arrange the funeral proceedings and everything involved, with care, respect, clarity and reassurance, respecting your country of origin’s traditions and funeral rituals.

Flexibility to your requirements is what counts. Our services are tailored to provide as much or as little help as you need. We share our knowledge.

With a professional attitude at all times and being passionate about providing the best possible services, you will be served.

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